10 Ways to Boost Your Salon or Clinic in 2021

10 Ways to Boost Your Salon or Clinic in 2021

These are challenging times for the beauty industry, and we are regularly talking to Salon and Clinic Owners about how to give their business a boost. If you’re not sure where to start, here are our top 10 tips.

With a growing client base, including aesthetic clinics on Harley Street and leading beauty salons on the high street, we’ve been talking to many switched-on business owners about how they are going to make the most of this difficult time. We’ve combined it with our own expertise to put together our top 10 ways to boost your business during tricky times.

Tip 1 - Fill Appointments Ahead of Time

Even if doors have to close, you shouldn’t stop pushing clients to make bookings. At the very least, it lessens the mad rush when your salon/clinic opens again, but at best, you can take deposits and make the best forecasts you can for sales, profit and stock.

Tip 2 - Take Deposits with Bookings

Following on from the last point, make sure you take a non-refundable deposit with bookings to help short-term cash-flow and cut down on missed or cancelled appointments in future. 

Tip 3 - Extend Opening Hours

Be ready to handle as many bookings as possible by offering earlier or later appointments than usual. You can manage staff rotas efficiently with advanced bookings.

Tip 4 - Create New Packages

Try and create an experience around a treatment to draw in new customers or lapsed customers, and in that way also boost your £-per-hour.

Tip 5 - Offer Premium Treatments

Talk to us about how SMART products could enable you to add laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, fat reduction, body sculpting, needle-free mesotherapy and more to your treatment menu. They offer a great way to increase revenue and reputation.

Tip 6 - Promote Gift Vouchers

If you follow the above tips, you will create even more interest and demand for those looking to treat others. Capitalise on that by offering gift vouchers, which are another good tip for cash-flow.

Tip 7- Invest in Technology

This is vital for truly boosting profits, by allowing you to significantly increase your £-per-hour and offer more with more treatments. Contact us to find out about our products, finance offers and training.

Tip 8 - Maximise Your Awareness

Utilise social media, email and advertising to keep in front of your audience. Use any spare time to interact with your clients and be a part of more discussions.

Tip 9 - Offer to Meet Clients Virtually

Just because they aren’t coming in to see you, doesn’t mean you can’t still meet them. Record ‘Useful Tips’ videos and offer 1-2-1 consultations via WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom or Microsoft Teams ahead of them coming to see you.

Tip 10 - Encourage Self-Development

Whether via online courses or simply by boosting product knowledge, any potential downtime for your team right now should see them coming back stronger than ever.

If you would like to talk with us about how we can help you boost your salon or clinic, just get in touch.  With a wide range of products specifically designed to help you boost your reputation and profit, let the SMART team show you how we can help.