Why Laser Hair Removal is Essential for Today’s Aesthetic Beauty Clinic

Why Laser Hair Removal is Essential for Today’s Aesthetic Beauty Clinic

One of the biggest treatments across the industry, hair removal can be delivered in a myriad of ways, with a huge number of treatment options available for aesthetic beauty professionals. However, not all options are equal. If you are looking for the most profitable, high-quality and efficient option, let us give you the facts.

With the removal of hair carried out by an estimated 98% of women and a fast-growing male sector of society now wanting a follicle solution, is it any wonder that hair removal remains one of the biggest treatments across the industry?

From retail lotions and potions to ancient techniques such as threading, there is a myriad of depilation options available – yet the old wax pot sits proud, bubbling away in treatment rooms across the nation as a ‘core’, ‘must-have’ and ‘go-to’ treatment for the aesthetic beauty operator. The question is, why?

Our compatriots in Europe have long since ditched the sticky, messy and painful wax experience. Our cousins across the pond in the USA don’t understand why salons and clinics join the race to the bottom with such a low price treatment – “Show me the money!” I hear them cry!

Surveys show that an amazing 75% of women would like unwanted hair removed permanently

Surveys show that an amazing 75% of women would like unwanted hair removed permanently (we haven’t yet asked all those under-30 males following their Love Island brothers). So, if you haven’t considered introducing laser hair removal to your beauty business, do you not think you are missing a trick?

Is it fear? A reluctance to change? Or a blind loyalty to your wax supplier, who loves seeing you habitually re-order as often as you pay your mobile phone bill.

Let’s have a look at the common misconceptions:

“Wax clients are my bread and butter!”


Most of your wax clients aren’t loyal or of real value to your business. It would be great to see ‘Lucy’ every four weeks for her 15-minute bikini line wax, generating £12 a treatment, £144 a year. However, that often doesn’t happen in the real world!

Most waxing customers use you for convenience; “I need it done ASAP for my summer holiday!”, “I’ve got a date!”, I’ve been lazy and let it get out of hand.” If your price is not competitive, irrelevant of the waxing product or protocol you use, they pop into the next salon, nail bar, hairdresser, chemist, department store … you get the idea. Essentially every Tom, Dick and Harry offer fundamentally the same low-margin treatment as you do.

“Waxing is a profitable part of my business”

You could do better!

Unless you are a dedicated wax bar, with your whole business model based on fast, efficient delivery and volume of clients, does waxing really stack up in a post-COVID world?

“Lasers are painful, expensive and don’t always work”

Not anymore!

The latest generation of diode technology lasers enable super-fast pain-free hair removal at an affordable treatment price – a fantastic new reality that all professional Aesthetic beauty clinics should at least consider. 

The Smart Diode is a medical-grade, state-of-the-art laser platform that provides certified excellence in results, client comfort and clinical care – with no consumable operating cost (goodbye wax pot direct debit!). Average treatment times are under 13 minutes and at £60 a session deliver £260+ per hour revenue. That’s an affordable treatment for your clients, delivering high profit for your business. 


The Smart Diode facilitates client loyalty as a minimum of six sessions is required (the UK average is eight). It is loved across the community for treating all skin types and is perfect for delivering those high-revenue male chest and back treatments in 20-30 minutes. Oh, and did I mention that over 30% of Smart Diode clients buy a secondary area upgrade because they are so impressed with the results?

You can trust our company just as much as you trust our products. We are lucky to boast over 20 years’ experience in delivering laser hair removal treatments to the UK public, enabling us to be confident enough that the Smart Diode will deliver you excellent results and satisfied customers that we offer a money-back guarantee on the Smart Diode. Now that is confidence!

Smart Diode pain-free laser hair removal is a Covid-safe, low-risk, hands-off treatment suitable for the ‘new normal’. So, embrace 2020. Leave the wax to the bees and start generating thousands of pounds with high-profit treatments that your customers will love, be loyal to and want more of.

You can introduce the latest in pain free, super-fast laser hair removal to your clinic from only £399 a month – just get in touch with us today to start your Smart Diode journey.