Key Lessons From Last Year To Take You Forward

Key Lessons From Last Year To Take You Forward

2021 will be a year of emergence from the dark events of 2020. We have weathered the storm and all tried to navigate our businesses through the situation.  As shards of light shine through the last remaining clouds and a new horizon appears from the gloom. But what will the new dawn bring to our business?

After every storm comes the sun , a new energy to absorb and regenerate our business lives. With this new energy comes opportunity, exponentially greater than before. The key question is “do you have the desire to harness this energy and capture the opportunities it will surely bring?”  What is for sure that there will be a new normal for everyone.

15 Things We Learnt in 2020

1. Nothing is certain – make sure you business has a clear mission to steer you through these challenging times.

2. People make your world go round. Your customers, co-workers and partners, take care of them, loyalty programs, payment plans and small conveniences go a long way

3. It’s important to make time to health check you business, be HONEST to your business, don’t wait for lockdowns to trim the fat, whether its expensive service or contracts or underperforming staff.

4. Whether you like it or not social media is a powerful, promotion and acquisition tool.

5. Mastering the art of virtual consultations is key to keep conversations and business interest high when you can’t see customers face-to-face.

6. Combination treatments are a big WIN WIN WIN. Look how to combine different treatments in ONE VISIT to maximise results and increase £ per hour and minimise sanitising down time!

7. Maskne is real. Educate you clients and provide advice to prevent and solutions to today’s most relevant skin concerns

8. Healthcare workers and teachers are real life heroes.

9. Inclusivity in aesthetic beauty is an expectation. Ensure you offer cornerstone treatments to all skin types or risk losing clients

10. Zoom has caused more people to consider non-invasive treatments

11. People are investing more in skin care than make up.

12. Toilet paper can-not be taken for granted

13. You can be together whilst being apart

14. In times of uncertainty people are more drawn to NEW things that will make them feel and look better. How fortunate that we are in an industry that does just that!

15. There is a lot to look forward to.

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