WATCH: Morgen Wellman-Brown Discusses Her Clinic’s Secret to Success

WATCH: Morgen Wellman-Brown Discusses Her Clinic’s Secret to Success

Morgen Wellman-Brown is a Level 4 Aesthetic Therapist, a College Lecturer, and Clinic Manager at Bellissima Exclusive in Yorkshire. She recently spoke to us about how her clinic revolutionised their service offering by moving to the Smart Diode. 

Our Co-Founder Josh recently caught up with the industry talent that is Morgen Wellman-Brown to discuss all things laser hair removal. She is no stranger to the beauty industry: her family has run Bellissima Exclusive for over 30 years, and she is a Level 4 Aesthetic Therapist as well as a College Lecturer and (as of recently) one of our Smart Clinical Training Team. 

Her passion for results-driven machines has made her family’s clinic a booming success since it was founded in 1992. Their treatment menu began with a general offering of beauty services but has now grown with the industry, as they have continually explored new technologies and moved to the more clinical side of treatments with clinical facials, aesthetic treatments and body treatments. 

For 23 years this year they have been offering laser hair removal, but for many years they were implementing a more traditional IPL system. As their market began to significantly reduce, they started researching and saw that there had been a dramatic change in the market, with greater demand for quicker, pain-free treatments delivered by new technology. So they decided to move with the market, as Morgen says in the interview; “We felt that we needed to make that conversion, to help convert more of our existing clients to something better and more effective. We couldn’t do that with the machine we had, so we had to look elsewhere.”

And so they did. Last year they purchased our Smart Diode Laser and have never looked back. In the interview, Morgen explores the science and the technology behind laser hair removal with Josh, as well as diving into the features of the Smart Diode in practice. 

Watch the full interview below to hear Josh and Morgen discuss all things laser hair removal, the Smart Diode, and the beauty industry.


Please feel free to book a call with us to discuss the Smart Diode further. We also have a handy revenue calculator on our Smart Diode page, which can help you work out how much you could earn by introducing one to your salon.