The Definition of Insanity: Whether You Fear or Embrace it, Change is Constant

The Definition of Insanity: Whether You Fear or Embrace it, Change is Constant

Change can be daunting; but amidst a global ‘new normal’, beauty salons & clinics are having to face challenges head on, adapting to survive. It’s not all doom and gloom – change can actually be extremely profitable and rewarding, and provides a fantastic opportunity to refresh your service offering to give your clients access to the most advanced and high-quality treatments. That is where we come in, with our SMART technology designed for profitability, efficiency and incredible results. 

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again – but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein. 

As the second hand on my watch reminds me, change is a constant – and we’ve certainly seen a lot of it so far this year. With most beauty salon & clinic owners working most, if not all, days of the week, the forced break in the beauty industry initiated by COVID-19 was certainly a big change. As salons & clinics begin to reopen, uncertainty is rife and many owners are still exploring how they can provide their usual high-quality treatments to their client bases at the volume and the standard they used to. We’re here to give our advice. 

Fear change, or embrace it

Never have we seen more clearly what change can do! The events of the pandemic have changed our lives, businesses and probably the future.

The important question for the beauty industry now is: What will a changed world offer to aesthetic beauty operators?

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Facing a ‘new normal’

For decades, the aesthetic beauty salon has served its clients with treatments, services and products. Dedicated salon & clinic owners and practitioners have used their time, attention and skills to help clients achieve their skin health goals, massage away their stress, instil confidence in how they look and help them to feel better in themselves. 

So, what’s changed?

Not the consumer demand – the need to feel and look great is there as always, and aesthetic services are just as valuable as ever. However, the way in which these services and treatments can be delivered has changed, potentially forever. So, we now have to accept this new normal whilst still finding ways to provide clients with the experiences that they come to salons and clinics for. 

The challenges

The fear created by Covid guidelines – suggesting a facial is more dangerous than a haircut – has greatly affected the core demographic who use our services, who tend to feel the most at risk and vulnerable. Instilling trust and confidence in the safety of aesthetic treatments is a key challenge facing many salons and clinics. 

In addition, the cost of delivering many normal old treatments has risen, forcing businesses to reconsider their service offerings. Accompanying this is the cost of PPE, and the fact that salons and clinics have been forced to offer fewer treatments per hour to comply with social distancing measures. 

The solution? Embrace change

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You need to bring back the confidence of your core market. Adjusting your service offering may be just one way to do this, by embracing new technologies to offer ‘no-touch’ treatments such as the SMARTMeso and SMART EM Shape. In this way you can also deliver treatments more quickly – think 30-minute facials! – so that you can still produce incredible results, but with half the time; and double the profit! 

Technologies also provide the opportunity to diversify your offering. Have you previously offered body treatments, for example? Widening your service offering can draw in a wider audience, and reignite the excitement of cautious existing clients. If you are passionate and enthusiastic about what you do, showing your clients that you are always looking forward, you may just find that that positive energy is contagious!

Whether you fear or embrace change, one thing is for certain: Change is constant, and how we choose to adapt to the new normal will define our sanity – and our success. 

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