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Manufactured by one of the world’s leading laboratories, SMART Skin by Dermaheal is a range of dedicated and advanced intelligent formulations promoting inter-cellular communication for progressive long-lasting results. These power-packed biomimetic peptide formulations contain stem cell technology, 24 amino acids, 14 vitamins, coenzymes and growth factors. Smart Skin serums are formulated in double-layered capsulation technology, ensuring improved penetration and target absorption.



Biomimetic Peptides “The Facilitator”

Synthetically created chains of amino acids that “mimic” naturally occurring peptides with the body. Molecularly similar in composition, they are accepted by the body receptors


Amino Acids “The Foundations”

The building blocks of proteins, playing a critical role in cell function and health


Growth factors “The Communicators”

These communicate between cells and provide the function of repairing and stimulating cellular growth by binding to the specific receptor on the target cell


Stem Cells “The Enabler”

Human-derived, sterilised and laboratory cultured, stem cells provide the regeneration of lost or damaged cell tissue


Coenzymes “The Fuel”

Provide skin cells with the energy needed to create the change and regeneration required.


Clinically Proven “The Application”

SMART Skin can be applied topically or through mesotherapy devices, invasively or non-invasively

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Smart Skin products

Stem cells – rejuvenate and repair tissue

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Peptide formulation

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24 amino acids

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14 vitamins

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Growth factors – ‘communicate’ with receptors

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Clinically proven

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Laser Type Diode Spot Size 12 x 20mm
Wavelengths 755, 808, 164
Cooling 4 Way Compressor + Air + Semiconductor + Water
Output Powers 2600w SHR Mode Yes
Luminous Power Up to 1000w Parameters Preset & Manual
Pulse Width 4-480ms Fluence 1-120j/cm2
Frequency 1-10Hz Voltage 110-240V
System Interface / Applicator 15" OLED colour Touch Screen,
OLED head monitor
D480 x W534 x H1062mm
Certified Training On-site
FB Support Group
Marketing Assets Full POS, digital & web

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Intelligent skincare by Smart is a 360-degree approach to stimulate the body into progressively repairing and healing itself for healthier more attractive skin.

By combining, key base ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals with the energy of co-enzymes accompanied with communicators and messengers such as growth factors and peptides, a total solution is provided for the increase in production of key skin essentials such as collagen, and elastin.

Smart Skin works from the inside to out, it promotes regeneration of cells and helps the body naturally functions,  increasing the health of the skin by repairing damaged tissue and improving structure to develop tone, texture and appearance.

Regular use of Smart Skin promotes the progressive and  improving cellular activity and vibrancy, compared to one off “booster” treatments that deteriorate in efficacy over time.

When we apply any product to our skin, the body’s natural instinct is to treat it as an imposter, as it is “alien” to our own unique molecular structure. The body cannot efficiently detect whether the substance is helpful or harmful, so treats all in the same way and wants to break it down. Despite many skincare products having fantastic active ingredients, unless they can first communicate with the body’s receptors and then molecularly bind with skin cells their effect will always be compromised. 

Smart Skin contains growth factors, and peptides that ‘communicate’ the cell receptors accept and use the amazing ingredients found in Smart Skincare.

Growth factors are messengers received by specific receptor sites on the surface of skin cells. They stimulate the cell division and multiplication of collagen production and skin-cell production. 

This increase in cell activity requires “fuel” to drive the process of change. Peptides are the essential ingredients the body needs to make this happen.

Peptides are short chains of amino acids, and are the building blocks of proteins. The most commonly known proteins in the skin are collagen, elastin and keratin, which are responsible for the skin’s  texture and tone. Peptides performance is increased when accompanied with other skincare ingredients like amino acids, antioxidants and hydrating factors like hyaluronic acid.

Smart skin care contains 14 vitamins and 24 amino acids that create the complex and multiple chains of ingredients the skin requires in repair and regeneration of skin cells. 

Co-enzymes act as fuel, providing the energy the cells need to change the health of the skin.

Representing the latest in skincare technology, human derived, sterilised and synthetically re-created, the Smart Skin Stem cell serums are the pinnacle in the regeneration of lost or damaged cell tissue. For faster and better results, the future is stem cells.

The Smart Skin Care by Derma heal is one of the leading Peptide skincare manufacturers in the world. 

All products are clinical tested and certified to help in the cellular repair of your skin.

Smart Skin is designed as a topical applied serum and is micro emulsioned for increased absorbency.

We  recommend that the Aesthetic professional can further increase penetration and delivery depth by using methods that  bypass CAM (cell adhesion molecules) the skin’s natural barrier.  

Mesotherapy (needle or no needle), electroporation, plasma devices. Smart skin is also tested  suitable for dermal injection.

Smart Meso, A|C|C|O|R, Med-Jet and Smart Juvium are all recommended.

Any Aesthetic beauty professional should consider introducing Smart Skin.

The compact range of cutting edge peptide and stem cell serums add to any salon or clinic’s treatment menu.

Smart Skin can be an upgrade to current treatments or a new dimension into a complete skincare offering.


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FOR The latest in cutting edge "Peptide" Cosmeceutical skin care progressive and long-lasting repair, rejuvenation and protection, stem cell technology.
WHY Multiple treatment indications
Increased treatment revenue
Simple range-low investment
Smart Skin The Maths
Average Treatment Revenue £125 - £185
Average Income per Hour £150 - £200
Cost per Treatment £12 - £37
Average Treatment Time 45 - 60 mins
Average Spend per Client £375 - £900
Typical Cost per week N/A
Smart Partner Smart Meso, ACCOR, Smart Sculpt Pro

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