SMART Juvium

Discover Fast, Pain-Free Results
with Fractional Laser Resurfacing

SMART Juvium

Discover Fast, Pain-Free Results
with Fractional Laser Resurfacing

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Say hello to the ultimate in skin regeneration, rejuvenation and collagen remodelling.

Enjoy incredible pain-free results with our non-ablative fractional Erbium fiber laser technology. 

The Juvium fractional erbium fiber laser uses cutting-edge FDA-approved technology to achieve an improvement in acne scars, the reversal of sun damage, the successful reduction of superficial wrinkles, an increase in skin thickness, improvements in skin tone and texture, and the stimulation of collagen and hair follicles. Designed to shorten down time and reduce the risk of side effects, the Juvium fractional laser produces amazing, visible results quickly. For pain-free, measurable results without the issues associated with aggressive CO2 lasers, choose SMARTJuvium.



Skin Rejuvenation & Collagen Remodelling

Tone, tighten and brighten aged skin


Wrinkle Removal

Precision skin resurfacing


Scar Treatment

Acne, surgical and burn


Vergeture Repair

Stretch marks, life and obesity lines


Hair Regrowth

Follicle stimulation & rejuvenation

Why should you offer SMARTJuvium?


Non ablative fractional delivery

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Adaptive skin cooling – 30°C

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Intelligent operating software

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Fully adjustable settings via touch display

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In motion scanning for precise delivery

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Multiple treatment tip options

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Laser Type Erbium Fiber Laser Pulse Energy Up to 150mj
Wavelengths 1550nm Pulse Repetition Up to 100Hz
Scan Size Up to 20mm2 Focal Length 50mm
Interface 15" Touch Screen Software In Treatment Monitoring
Spot Size 150um Electrical 240v
Weight 16.5kg Dimensions D492 x W400 X H353mm
CryoSHOT (optional)
Air Flow 800L per minute Temperature -20 C
Weight 55kg Dimensions D707 x W515 x H832mm
Certified Training Training Centre
FB Support Group
Marketing Assets Full POS, digital & web

Virtual Tour Video

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Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Fractional delivery of MTZ’s
(Multiple Treatment Zones)

Rapid collagen production, skin rejuvenation
and dermal repair


SMARTJuvium Results

SMARTJuvium Results

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The Smart Juvium is a 1550 nm medical non-ablative fractional Erbium Laser. Designed to treat a wide range of skin conditions and dermal indications without the down time that can be associated with ablative CO2 lasers.

The treatment is often referred to as “Laser resurfacing”: or a “Laser peel” treatment.

The Juvium 1550nm  Erbium laser works on the principle of fractional  photothermolysis. This is the process when water within tissue absorbs the laser energy and vaporises causing instant trauma within the targeted area. The body’s response system then repairs the whole area with the regeneration of new collagen and remodeling and dermal tissue.

The Juvium delivers the laser energy with precise Microscopic Treatment Zones (MTZ’s ) that only affect 10% of the total surface area. The non-invasive MTZ’s  target the dermal tissue to an exact depth causing a reaction of repair and regeneration across 100% the area. This Fractional delivery has proven clinical results for a wide range of indications with no pain and minimal down time.

The initial reaction will be some reddening of the skin and possible mild swelling and discomfort which subsides after 1-2 days. Immediate results can be seen with noticeable continual improvement over the next 10-21 days and the deeper  collagen rejuvenation within 8 weeks.

The erbium wavelength and non- ablative fractional delivery of the Juvium creates substantially less dermal damage and physical trauma to the skin. Thus resulting in considerably less pain and down time.

The Juvium “laser peel” skin resurfacing treatment can deliver excellent results, so typically only one treatment is required.

Exceptional indications may require further treatments only after a full realisation and results have been measured from the initial treatment, normally after 8-12 weeks.

Soon after treatment the skin’s surface structure feels softer, looks balanced, brighter and is more toned. The following weeks and months will bring additional improvement as deeper layers of the skin continue to heal and repair creating more volume and elasticity.

Results can last for several years depending on the clients age and skin health and condition.

While a chemical peel may lessen fine lines and rough skin they are not as efficient at deeper wrinkles or loose skin. Juvium laser treatments tackle a wider range of indications, ranging from sun damage, scarring, acne and skin tightening as well as the repair of superficial dermal repair.

Clinical downtime is not required with clients able to perform daily functionality without compromise.

Initial skin-care and avoidance of direct sunlight is advised.

The Juvium treatment is not painful for most clients; a mild pricking sensation may be felt. Cryo Shot delivers adjustable “ice air” cooling the skin’s surface as you treat.

By being non-ablative clients do not experience the discomfort of persistent burning sensation, hot spots or “crispy skin” often described with CO2 & non fractional laser resurfacing.

As with all laser treatments a level of risk is present. Juvium is certified, FDA approved and accompanied by a robust training program.

A full consultation and test patch and a mandatory treatment protocol with the ambition to realise excellence in treatment results and provide exceptional client care.

Along with quality assured medical device certification and training, ongoing clinical support and advice is provided.


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FOR The client wants deep non-ablative & non-invasive skin resurfacing, improved tone, texture, lines and wrinkles, sun damaged , or scarred skin.
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"Hands off" Treatment
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Typical Cost per week £229 + VAT
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