Join Our SMART Discovery Session: SMARTDiode

Join Our SMART Discovery Session: SMARTDiode

Join Our SMARTDiode Discovery Session: Refresh Your Training and Maximise Profits with our Unparalleled Laser Hair Removal Technology

Join us for our online SMARTDiode Discovery Day on Wednesday 29th September, to learn how to use our cutting-edge laser hair removal technology to make £300 p/h.

What is The SMARTDiode?

The leading laser hair removal technology taking the industry by storm, The SMARTDiode combines triple wavelength technology with optimum power output to provide fast, effective and comfortable laser hair removal for all skin types. 

Key Features:

  • Pain-free laser hair removal
  • Super-fast “slide and glide” delivery
  • 60% more powerful than the market leader
  • 20 million lifetime shots
  • Average cost per treatment for you as an operator = £1
  • Average spend per client = £456
  • This means you could earn £300 an hour from using our SMARTDiode

During the 40-minute session run by our managing partner, Josh Yardley, and our training practitioner, Sam Connolly, you will:

  • Understand how the SMARTDiode is able to offer super-fast, pain-free, laser hair removal treatments
  • Watch the SMARTDiode in action during a LIVE treatment
  • Get inspiration and advice around other treatments you could offer with SMARTDiode
  • Learn from experts on how to maximise your profits and earn £11,000 revenue potential per month
  • Q&A opportunity to ask any questions

The Discovery Day is FREE to attend but there are limited numbers available, so sign-up now for the Zoom webinar to secure your place. Everyone who registers in advance will also receive a copy of the recording after the webinar.

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